The SCP® Procedure is a minimally-invasive surgery that targets and fills chronic subchondral defects sometimes referred to as BML.

During the procedure, your surgeon will use fluoroscopy (intraoperative X-ray) to place a small, drillable cannula in the area of the bone defect. Your surgeon will then deliver AccuFill® Bone Substitute Material (BSM) into the defect, where it hardens with properties that mimic cancellous bone. During the healing process, the AccuFill® BSM is resorbed and is replaced with new bone.

procedure: navigation
Target subchondral bone defect using SCP® Navigation Guide
procedure: access
Access bone defect using AccuPort® Delivery Cannula
procedure: fill
Inject AccuFill® BSM into the defect. AccuFill® BSM is a flowable, injectable bone void filler that is replaced with new bone during the healing process.

What is AccuFill® BSM?

AccuFill® BSM is an engineered calcium phosphate mineral compound. It flows readily to fill the subchondral defect and hardens quickly into a biomimetic implant once injected. AccuFill® BSM mimics the properties of cancellous bone and is replaced with new bone during the healing process.

AccuFill BSM injection into the lesion
AccuFill® BSM injection into the defect
AccuFill<sup>®</sup> is remodeled with new bone growth
After the procedure, AccuFill® BSM is replaced with new bone during the healing process

Important Information: The use of AccuFill® BSM is not intended to be intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. Radiographic studies should be used to confirm that the adjacent cortical bone is intact.

Important Information: As with every surgical procedure, there are risks and potential complications. Individual results may vary. Success depends on factors such as age, weight and activity level.